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Lobo Scholarship Fund 'Per Ticket Contributions

Required per ticket contributions to the Lobo Scholarship Fund (LSF) apply to certain tickets located within University Stadium for the Football Season, and The Pit for the Men's and Women's Basketball seasons. The amount of your required seat contribution varies depending on price levels and seating sections.

'Per ticket contributions to the LSF provides the financial support necessary to recruit and retain the talented Lobo student-athletes we root for each game-day. These funds provide scholarships to the more than 400 Lobo student-athletes who participate in UNM's 18 varsity sports and proudly represent our great state of New Mexico and The University.

The estimated scholarship bill UNM Athletics will have to pay for the 2023-2024 academic year is $6.7 million.

In order to receive your season tickets, your LSF contribution should be greater than or equal to the required 'per ticket contribution and should be paid in full or on a scheduled payment plan prior to the start of the season.

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I am already a Lobo Club member, do I need to contribute more?
  • Only if your current Lobo Scholarship Fund contribution does not meet or exceed the required 'per ticket contribution attached to your season tickets.
When do I need to make my Lobo Scholarship Fund contribution to receive my tickets?
  • Required seat donations must be paid in full or on a scheduled payment plan prior to the first game of the sport of your purchased season tickets.
  • Payment plans must be paid in full on or by June 30, 2023
I donate to the _____ team and not to the Lobo Scholarship Fund. Will that count for my seat contribution?
  • No. Lobo Scholarship Fund or approved in-kind donations are accepted and count toward the required per ticket contribution.
I’ve never had to donate before, but now you’re saying I have to?
  • Due to policies and audits, season ticket holders are now required to pay a per seat contribution attached to certain season tickets for Football, Men’s Basketball, and Women’s Basketball.
  • Exceptions may be considered with a written and signed document from a University official.