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Lobo Club
Kicks Off Annual Scholarship Drive

Albuquerque, NM – It’s that time of year when the UNM Lobo Club begins its annual scholarship fundraising drive to raise money for student-athlete scholarships at the University of New Mexico. Support of the Lobo Scholarship Fund directly impacts the lives of each of UNM’s 400 student-athletes and their athletic and academic endeavors at the University of New Mexico.

Lobo student-athletes continue to excel both in the classroom and on the competitive surface while carrying the responsibility and honor that comes with representing the University of New Mexico, our state, and our communities. While there are still many questions to be answered regarding the upcoming athletic seasons, our student-athletes are still sure to accomplish great things! With that, we need your help as Lobo Nation, to continue this excellence.

This past year Lobo Club members contributed over $2 million to the Lobo Scholarship Fund to directly support student-athlete scholarships at the University of New Mexico. We are very thankful for everyone who made that choice of support. We hope as we start fresh again this year, you will make a similar decision as we chase the ultimate goal of fully covering all scholarship costs for nearly 400 Lob student-athletes.

Below you will find some detailed information about what it means to become a Lobo Club member, benefits of becoming a Lobo Club member, and a variety of other materials regarding the Lobo Scholarship Fund and how your support makes an impact on everything that UNM Athletics does. As a member of the Lobo Club you not only enjoy the benefits of seating and parking with Lobo Football and Lobo Basketball, but also play an instrumental role in developing these young men and women into college graduates and future leaders of our communities!

2020-21 Renewal Guide

We greatly appreciate and value you as a Lobo Club member and look forward to all the great things we will accomplish and celebrate together. We thank you again for your support and consideration to support the Lobo Scholarship Fund and UNM Athletics.

To learn more about the Lobo Scholarship Fund and what the Lobo Club does, please visit or call the Lobo Club office at 505-925-2582.