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Become a Lobo Club Member Today!

We are so excited about the future of Lobo Athletics and you should be too! Lobo Club members truly support New Mexico Athletics and provide the opportunity for 400+ student-athletes to receive an education from UNM.

Who is a Lobo Club Member?

When you make a gift of $50 or more to any program in the Lobo Club umbrella, you instantly become a Lobo Club Member.

What do Lobo Club Members support?

Lobo Club members support student-athlete scholarships, specific sports, facility projects and long-term goals of UNM Athletics.

Why you should be a Lobo Club Member?

You are committed to funding Lobo excellence at the highest level and propelling our student-athletes to graduation from UNM and championship for New Mexico!

Do per seat contributions for Lobo Basketball and Football season tickets make me a Lobo Club Member?

Yes. Per seat contributions go directly to the Lobo Scholarship Fund, our general fund for Lobo Student-Athlete scholarships.

Our community of Lobo Club members is key to building a strong foundation for the success of UNM Athletics. You can make your gift today online here or you can renew your gift by mail. Our mailing should be arriving in your mailbox soon!

Together We Are New Mexico.