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Lobos v San Jose State Football


UNM Lobo Club Donor of the Game - Kevin and Vickie Georges ('76, '80)

How did you first get involved with the Lobo Club?

We had been going to UNM sporting events since I transferred here from Illinois in 1976. As our business grew we were able to start contributing to the Lobo Club.

Tells us about yourself and your family.

My wife and I moved here from Illinois in 1976 a month after we got married. We got married the day after Vickie turned 18 and I was 20. I have chronic asthma and was hospitalized almost every month my sophomore year of college with asthma attacks. I applied to architecture school at UNM and ASU. UNM accepted me first so that is where we chose to go. I received by Bachelor of Arts degree in 1978 and my Master of Architecture degree in 1980. I have been practicing architecture 46 years and we have owned KGA Architects for 36 years. We have 2 children. Both were competitive gymnasts. Our oldest is Nicole who is 37. She was on the UNM diving team and received her Bachelor's degree from UNM. She is married and has 6 children. Our youngest is Kyle who is 34. He was a UNM coed cheerleader and received his Bachelor degree from UNM. He was an assistant women's gymnastics coach at the Air Force Academy for 7 years. He and his wife are owners of Albuquerque Gymnastics School.

What do you love about New Mexico?

Mostly the weather. It has been extremely good for my asthma. The dry climate and lack of pollen (Illinois pollen) has helped so much.

Why do you choose to support the Lobo Club?

With both of our kids being athletes, we understand what happens when an individual loves their sport. We wanted to help give students an opportunity to get a good education and participate in their sport. Our support helps them achieve their goals.

What motivates you to give to the Lobo Club?

We are motivated by how hard the athletes work at their sport and at the same time excel in the classroom. Seeing what good grades they achieve give us a good feeling that our contributions to the Lobo Club is paying off.

What makes UNM athletics so special to you?

Seeing what good young adults they become while here at UNM. We have had a few football players work for us here at KGA. We can see how an athlete changes from when they are freshmen to their senior year.

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